Meet the Peer Coaches

Once students have completed the training, they are eligible to serve as Peer Coaches for all subsequent semesters in which they are enrolled at Tech.  Due to their class schedules or other responsibilities, Coaches may choose to make themselves available to meet with students during a particular semester or not.  Here are the Peer Coaches who are available during the Spring 2017 semester:

Samridhi Banskotu
4th-year, ChBE

Rayna Berinhout
4th-year, ME

Estella Dieci
3rd-year, Comp Media









Shanzeh Farooqui
4th-year, BME

Erika Jensen
3rd-year, Bus

Victoria Kravets
3rd-year, BME

David Morrison
3rd-year, ISyE

Ben Nickel
4th-year, ISyE

**Picture Forthcoming**

Kirsten Schulz
4th-year, Bus

Elise Sims
3rd-year, Psych